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Tocopherol acetate (a precursor to vitamin E) is an efficient active ingredient in the protection and repair of skin injured by excessive sun exposure, promoting dermocalmative and regenerative action. It also acts as an excellent antioxidant agent.

The Nano Tocoferol Solution stands out for its ability to remain adhered for longer on the skin. Thus, it actively participates in regeneration and acts directly in the repair and treatment of damage after excessive exposure to the sun. Due to the marked permeation, the enzymatic release (differential characteristic of Nano Solutions) and the protection against the degradation of the active, Nano Tocopherol Solution has a higher action than the active in its free form inside the cells of the dermis.


• Protection against oxidative effects caused by UV exposure
• Prevention of damage caused by solar radiation
• After-sun soothing effect
• Anti-wrinkle
• Dermocalmant effect (reduces expression of interleukins)
• Cell renewal
• Protection against photoaging
• Remains adhered longer on the skin


Serums, lotions, creams and cosmetic products aqueous or emulsion type O/W

Suggested usage %

1 to 6%


Oily excipients with aromatic rings in their chemical structure

Mechanism release

Enzyme (slow release)

1 LiterNS110/1
5 LitersNS110/5
20 LitersNS110/20

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• Laboratory test results
• Technical bibliography
• Physico-chemical information