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Known as vegan retinol, or retinol-like, bakuchiol stands out for its dermocalmant property, as well as for stimulating collagen production and cell turnover, being better tolerated than retinol, especially by sensitive skin. This active ingredient offers great advantage because it is well accepted in all skin types, delivering excellent anti-aging results, improving the firmness and state of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as helping to attenuate the condition of hyperpigmentations, homogenizing skin tone. It also acts as a seburo-regulatory and anti-inflammatory, contributing to the improvement of acnceic skin.

Nano Bakuchiol Solution innovates the concepts of this amazing molecule, providing rapid and complete penetration to the deepest layers of the skin. In these deeper layers, the active is released and internalized by the cells. With this, a more efficient and prolonged action is observed.


• Dermocalmative effect (reduction of pro-inflammatory cytokines)
• Anti-inflammatory action
• Good acceptance on sensitive skins
• Anti-ageing action
• Stimulates collagen synthesis
• Reduction of hyperpigmentation
• Reduction of oiliness
• High bioadhesion


Hydrophilic gels, serums, lotions, creams, aqueous and low lipid O/W emulsion-type cosmetic products

Suggested usage %

0,5 to 5%


Products with high surfactant content as well as highly oily bases

Mechanism release

Diffusional gradient (slow release)

1 LiterNS102/1
5 LitersNS102/5
20 LitersNS102/20

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• Laboratory test results
• Technical bibliography
• Physico-chemical information