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Resveratrol is a polyphenol that strengthens the fight against natural oxidative stress. It also acts as a skin rejuvenator, as it activates sirtuins, which are proteins present in our body that regulate the rate at which we age. Due to its antioxidant property, it acts on the skin making it firmer, thus being an ally in the fight against sagging. It acts to reduce wrinkles and reduce spots.

The Nano Resveratrol Solution has greater efficiency in relation to the free-form active due to the greater penetrability and protection against premature degradation, resulting in a more effective fight against photoaging. It is carried in a few hours to the dermis and, due to its slow release, the action is prolonged with less need for active ingredient concentration for effective action.


• High stimulation of elastin synthesis
• Increased skin firmness by stimulating collagen production
• Protection from the effects of photoaging
• Protection from oxidative effects caused by UV radiation
• Skin whitening effect/reduces blemishes


Serums, lotions, creams and cosmetic products aqueous or emulsion type O/W

Suggested usage %

2 to 10%


Oily excipients with aromatic rings in their chemical structure

Mechanism release

Enzyme (slow release)

1 LiterNS108/1
5 LitersNS108/5
20 LitersNS108/20

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• Laboratory test results
• Technical bibliography
• Physico-chemical information