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Retinol palmitate is an ingredient of important relevance due to its cosmetic multifunctionality, as it acts in the induction of the production of proteins such as elastin and collagen, being able to compose products that aim to treat and regenerate the skin, in addition to contributing significantly with its antioxidant activity, acting against the effects of aging.

The Nano Retinol Solution differentiated by the fact that the active remains adhered for longer in the skin, being taken to the dermis in a fewhours. Due to its slow release, prolongation of action occurs. The platform itself, even without active, acts as a non-hyaluronic nanofiller with a prolonged effect that stimulatescollagen synthesis.


• Stimulates collagen synthesis
• Stimulates elastin synthesis
• Cell renewal
• Prolonged action of the ingredient
• Skin bleaching


Serums, lotions, creams and cosmetic products aqueous or emulsion type O/W

Suggested usaged %

0,5 to 2%


Oily excipients with aromatic rings in their chemical structure

Mechanism release

Enzyme (slow release)

1 LiterNS109/1
5 LitersNS109/5
20 LitersNS109/20

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• Laboratory test results
• Technical bibliography
• Physico-chemical information